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Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Shipping With Amerijet

Along with our subsidiaries and alliances, Amerijet International, Inc. is pleased to provide used and new vehicle shipping throughout the world. In many regards, vehicle shipping is very similar to other large freight shipments; however, when shipping vehicles internationally, there are several specific export and import documents required. Our customer service staff is experienced in handling specialty shipments, such as transporting automobiles to nearly any location worldwide.

Vehicle Shipping And Insurance

Most large cargo shipments, especially when they are international in nature, are not automatically insured for their full value. The exact insured amount varies depending on shipping policies, but it is important to know that an additional vehicle shipping insurance policy will most likely be required to adequately cover the automobile during transportation. Government mandated automobile insurance does not cover vehicle transportation. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding insuring your automobile shipment - we can help.

Vehicle Shipments And Customs

When shipping vehicles internationally, customs clearance at destination is mandatory. This means any applicable import duties and taxes have to be paid before the vehicle is released by the corresponding customs agency. And depending on the country, there are often additional licensing and regulatory approvals that will need to take place when importing an automobile. Amerijet works closely with trusted customs brokers and the proper government officials to make this process as seamless as possible for our customers.

Preparing A Vehicle For Shipment

Preparing for vehicle shipping involves removing personal items and valuables from the car, ensuring that only a specific amount of fuel is left in the vehicle’s fuel tank, and in most cases, making sure the automobile is operable. In situations where the vehicle is not operable, or extra items will be transported within the automobile, container shipping is often recommended for ease of transport as well as insurability reasons. We do have specific guidelines and requirements for vehicle shipping - please check with our expert customer service representatives before making vehicle shipping preparations.

Vehicle Shipping Service Levels

Depending on your specific time and budget requirements, we are able to ship vehicles through a variety of inter-modal transport methods - air, surface, sea, and any combination between. At Amerijet, we specialize in customer-focused transport solutions.

We’re ready to help when it comes to choosing the mode of transportation, selecting point of delivery, complying with customs and regulatory requirements, and understanding the insurance issues involved with vehicle shipping. Just give us a call and we will put together a customized vehicle shipping plan to meet your exact requirements.