Tech, Medical and Diverse Exports Drive Florida Economy

Tech, Medical and Diverse Exports Drive Florida Economy

DATE: 06/20/18

The north and central Florida economies are set for expansion this year.

The north and central Florida economies are set for expansion this year. In the northeastern part of the state, the manufacturing, technology and health sciences sectors are strong. In northeastern Florida, Jacksonville is a tech mecca. The Sunshine State fuels an economy worth an estimated $1 trillion in 2018, according to the Florida Chamber of Commerce. While Florida accounts for about 5 percent of the U.S. economy, it creates 10 percent of all new jobs.

Tampa Bay, in west central Florida, is the state’s fastest-growing region, boasting a labor force of 2 million. Tech startups are among the firms flocking there. To the east, Orlando is attracting more than just tourism with innovation in aviation, electronics, software and hardware development. Florida is also aligning with countries such as Israel to bring startups to the state with market-ready products for manufacturing or distribution in the U.S., in industries like healthcare, security, defense, cyberspace and agriculture

When it comes to exporting, Amerijet International Airlines, an all-cargo carrier based in Miami, is a go-to resource for freight forwarders and shippers 38 destinations in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America on B767 and B727 freighter aircraft. In addition to direct service on its own fleet, Amerijet arranges the shipping of significant volumes of Florida exports via its interline partners worldwide.

Mix of exports from greater Florida

With great diversity in the commodities it carries, personalized account management and service come with Amerijet’s 40 years of experience. “We regularly assist our forwarder and shipper customers in north and central Florida to ship medical supplies, electronics, heavy machinery, livestock and equipment containing lithium batteries or other dangerous goods,” said Douglas Crowe, Southeast Regional Sales Manager at Amerijet International.

Live animals are a particular specialty with dedicated animal specialists who work with pet owners, animal handlers, breeders and owners. From prized race horses to cattle bound for auction or farms in the Caribbean or Europe, for example, livestock is handled with care on Amerijet scheduled and charter flights.

Amerijet is a trusted logistics partner for performance yacht racing, sailing regattas and leisure boating. Ship spare parts, oversized masts, sails and supplies are frequently shipped to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico from Florida. “We also ship heavier spares and food, including perishables, and provisions from the region to replenish cruise ships at their ports of call,” Crowe said.

Customers regularly rely on Amerijet’s nightly truck service to Miami International Airport (MIA) from both Orlando and Tampa. Shipments can be picked up by Amerijet directly or freight can be dropped off at Amerijet stations that include Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

The unique demands of the many commodities carried by Amerijet as a dedicated freight specialist make it a versatile, flexible shipping partner. If you are seeking a reliable air carrier to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Latin America and beyond, call (305) 506-2969 in Orlando, or email Tampa area freight forwarders and shippers can call (305) 506-2969, or email

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