Steady growth for Amerijet’s ecommerce market

Steady growth for Amerijet’s ecommerce market

DATE: 03/10/20


Ecommerce trade is growing steadily both for B2B and B2C transactions from populations in Latin America and the Caribbean. According to a June 2019 report eMarketer, high mobile phone ownership and internet usage is driving retail ecommerce sales.

Direct B2C ecommerce retail sales in Latin America alone are predicted to reach $82.33 billion in 2020, up from $53.2 billion in 2018, according to Statista. B2B ecommerce sales are also fast growing, including online sales to the retail trade within the same markets.

All-cargo carrier Amerijet International Airlines provides service on its dedicated freighter fleet of B767 aircraft to more than 45 destinations across the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico.  From its hub at Miami International Airport (MIA), Amerijet directly serves the cargo trade between North America and Central America and Caribbean. “Ecommerce and retail are established and growing parts of our business. We work with shippers of all types including store owners, buyers and courier companies, consolidators and distributors, as well as freight forwarders,” said Augusto Iturralde, Regional Manager for Mexico and Central America at Amerijet International Airlines.

These B2C shipments, are small-package deliveries going direct to consumers. Larger B2B shipments are headed to independent stores and shops.  For markets that include retail and online commerce, Amerijet offers a cost-effective small package service for dry goods such as electronics, parts, apparel, books or gift items.  Amerijet’s small package service is for shipments up to 100 pounds.

First to market and store shelves with Amerijet

Amerijet works closely with shippers and consignees, to accommodate their competitive urgency to have access to inbound shipments quickly at destination.

“For the ecommerce market speed is very important, being able to quickly receive and clear shipments is essential to our customers,” Iturralde said. “ Many of our flights arrive early in the morning or by mid-day, and this is especially important for courier shipments. Arriving early allows our customers to have their shipments ready for the market or for delivery on the same day.”

Iturralde added: “Our local Amerijet offices stay in direct communication with the customer, providing flight arrival times and notifying the customers when the freight is ready for pickup.”

Amerijet offers comprehensive customer service, consultation and has available multi-lingual staff. Shippers are also invited to set up their free MyCargo account at the Amerijet website where they can book their freight, and manage their shipments all in one place. The MyCargo portal includes schedule information and shipping document requirements

For more information about Amerijet Ecommerce shipping, please email or call 305-506-2969.

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