Shipping Your Oversized Cargo

Shipping Your Oversized Cargo

DATE: 05/27/19

Shipping your oversized cargo can be troublesome but with Amerijet it has never been easier. Here are some questions you should ask before you get started.

Need to ship some heavyweight and/or oversized freight? Oversized and heavyweight cargo requires experienced handling and specialized equipment during loading and off-loading due to their size and dimensions. Amerijet has over 40 years of experience handling all of our customers needs including shipping your oversized cargo.

Amerijet’s Mission Critical Planning Team works closely with every customer, no matter what industry you’re in, to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your oversized cargo and mission-critical shipments.

Below are some benefits and features that we offer our customers that sets us apart when we’re shipping your oversized cargo.

Safety and Security

No matter if you have to ship heavy machinery, vehicles, energy plant equipment and supplies, or even aircraft engines, Amerijet’s Oversized Cargo Shipping Service gets it there safely and securely. We offer round the clock security and surveillance to all of our customers so you know that your cargo is always our top priority.

Cargo Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind with our affordable cargo insurance which is available for your special freight while it is being transported. With cargo insurance you have the option to protect your investment in the unfortunate event of a loss, so you can rest easy when you’re shipping your oversized cargo.

International Oversized Cargo Shipping

Are you shipping your oversized cargo internationally? We can help you to verify all the permits, licenses, documentation and/or visas required by the destination country. When you’re shipping your oversized cargo internationally the destination countries usually have their own shipping laws and regulations.


Need to track your cargos’ progress? Amerijet offers electronic in-transit updates and online shipment tracking so that you can see where your cargo is every step of the way.

Variety of Shipping Options

We offer a variety of shipping options, including airport to airport service and aircraft charter. So when you’re shipping your oversized cargo you can choose the service that is right for you.


Shipping your oversized cargo shouldn’t be left to just any air freight delivery service. The Amerijet fleet of Boeing 767-300/200 aircrafts are equipped to handle all types of large, heavy and oversized cargo. We comply with the highest safety and environmental standards in our industry, so you can rest assured that when you’re shipping your oversized cargo it’s in safe hands. To learn more call us at 1-800-927-6059 or +1-305-593-5500. You can also get an estimate of how much shipping your oversized cargo would cost by getting a free quote.

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