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Shipping Cars

Shipping Cars Overseas Made Simple

Shipping cars overseas does not need to be complicated. Amerijet International, Inc. is committed to making automobile transport as simple as possible, no matter where the vehicles are being shipped - across the world or across the country. With a one-call philosophy, we enjoy taking care of all of the complicated logistics involved with shipping cars.

Methods Of Shipping Cars Overseas

The process of shipping and automobile overseas often requires a multi-logistics approach - combining multiple methods of transport into one efficient shipping solution.

  • Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) - This method of shipping cars utilizes special ships and ferries designed to function like a large floating parking garage. Size varies according to need, but some of these sea faring vessels can carry more than 5,000 automobiles at once.
  • Cargo Container Shipping - Shipping cars in a cargo container is reasonably common. A standard 20 foot container is adequately sized to fit most cars. Advantages to this method of shipping include the option to fill the remaining space in the container with additional cargo.
  • Door To Door - Arranging for an automobile to be shipped to the correct port of departure is an important part of the international shipping process. Because both the roll on, roll off vessels and cargo ships only depart from specific ports, the vehicles must be delivered to the correct port of departure first. Amerijet is ready to assist with a solution.

Shipping cars internationally is most often accomplished via seagoing vessel. However, when the need is present, air transport also serves as a viable method of car shipping. Amerijet can make all of the necessary arrangements.

Regulations For Shipping Cars Overseas

Transporting automobiles internationally involves very specific rules that must be followed in regards to duties and taxes. It is also common for special permits, licenses, and inspections to be required in order to import a car into another country. These regulations vary by country and depending on whether the car is being sold or being transferred for personal use. As a full service freight forwarder, we will gladly work with our customers to comply with all necessary regulatory obligations.

Car Shipping Insurance Basics

It is important to know that normal government mandated auto insurance do not cover the vehicle during overseas transport. Transportation insurance is highly recommended when shipping cars. Insuring freight during transport is very affordable. For specifics, please call an Amerijet customer service representative.

Shipping cars overseas does not have to be complicated. Make the transportation as simple as possible by choosing a full-service freight forwarder such as Amerijet.v