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Temperature Controlled Shipping - Pharmaceuticals

Temperature Controlled Shipping Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Amerijet Temperature Controlled Shipping

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Ranking among the most valuable types of commodities we carry are Pharmaceuticals. Amerijet Temperature Controlled (ATC) is an airport-to-airport shipping service that ensures product quality and cool-chain integrity for a wide range of temperature controlled commodities including pharmaceuticals. Our Active and Passive temperature controlled shipping solutions are ideal for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical goods.

  • Passive (Temperature Range of +2°C and +20°C)
    ATC-Passive is designed for insulated shipments pre-packaged with dry ice or cold packs, which can accept minor temperature fluctuations and do not require transportation or storage in active temperature controlled units.
  • Active (Temperature Range of -20°C and +20°C)
    ATC-Active is designed for temperature-sensitive commodities. Shipments are accepted in temperature controlled cool-containers which actively regulate temperature levels, irrespective of ambient conditions.
    Amerijet accepts the following container types:
    • Envirotainer
    • CSafe Containers
Contact Amerijet Sales

Amerijet temperature controlled shipping is the most efficient way possible to ensure that cool-chain integrity is maintained and product quality is preserved. All temperature controlled shipments must have a confirmed booking and be ready for carriage prior to acceptance.

For ATC inquiries, please contact us at 1-800-927-6059 or via email at


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