Pharmaceuticals by air IATA CEIV program supports best practices

Pharmaceuticals by air IATA CEIV program supports best practices

DATE: 03/20/18

Pharmaceuticals by air: IATA’s CEIV program supports best practices

The pharmaceutical industry uses air transport for its speed, reliability and efficiency. Pharma manufacturers often demand expedited and temperature-controlled cargo. They must also follow increasingly complex national and global regulations.

When shipping pharmaceuticals, environmental controls are critical to maintain drug quality, efficacy and safety.  In many countries, drug manufacturers are required to follow the industry’s Good Distribution Practices (GDPs), guidelines that ensure their products are consistently stored, transported and handled according to product specifications. Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals have specific GDP requirements which vary by world region and country.

While the GDPs have elevated standards involving the pharmaceutical supply chain, for air transportation, standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) go beyond it.

What is the CEIV Pharma certification?

In 2014, IATA, working with the aviation industry stakeholders and regulators, created The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma).  The CEIV certification program puts applicants through a rigorous process which includes review of their pharmaceutical training and status of personnel; building awareness of pharmaceutical logistics through further training; and an in-depth, on-site assessment of their processes and facilities.

Airlines, ground handlers, logistics companies, freight forwarders and direct shippers are among those organizations in the supply chain eligible to receive CEIV certification.

 What are the benefits of using a CEIV Pharma supplier?

CEIV Pharma addresses the industry’s need for more safety, security, compliance and efficiency  by the creation of a globally consistent and recognized pharmaceutical product handling certification.

For the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers, using CEIV-certified providers ensures:

Amerijet: pharma specialist at MIA

Amerijet International, Inc.,  based in Miami is the first U.S. all-cargo airline to earn IATA’s CEIV-Pharma certification after been awarded the designation on June 27, 2017. Amerijet serves the pharmaceutical and biologics markets, including Mexico, the Caribbean and South America, with service on B767-200/300 freighter aircraft. Its capabilities include active and passive temperature-control capabilities and a custom-built 10,3000 square-foot cooling facility designed to maintain the cool chain integrity of perishables during the transportation process.

Miami International Airport was designated by IATA as the first pharma freight hub in the U.S. and the second in the world, after Brussels, Belgium. MIA, a leading international cargo airport worldwide and gateway to Latin America, was recognized for organizing its pharma logistics providers to undergo IATA’s CEIV Pharma certification program. With Miami already ranked as the busiest airport in the country for international freight and perishable imports, its certification as a pharma hub is expected to significantly increase the $3.3 billion in pharma traffic it currently handles.

Amerijet brings pharmaceutical shippers more than 40 years of experience in managing their cold-chain and medical-related shipments. Together with its partner network, Amerijet provides seamless transportation solutions to customers, serving more than 625 destinations worldwide. For more information, visit:

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