Oversized Freight Shipping Is Uncomplicated When You Work with Amerijet

Oversized Freight Shipping Is Uncomplicated When You Work with Amerijet

DATE: 04/24/18

Oversized Freight Shipping Is Uncomplicated When You Work with Amerijet

Shipping large heavyweight or oversized freight can sound like a major challenge. But there are plenty of instances when oversized cargo simply can’t wait, and the only viable option is shipping them by air. That can include everything from expensive medical equipment to heavyweight machinery and replacement parts.

But transporting oversized cargo and heavyweight freight doesn’t have to be time-consuming for your company, or a headache that keeps you up at night. An all-cargo air carrier like Amerijet International, Inc. has the experience and seasoned staff to expertly handle all your oversized cargo shipments.

Amerijet has spent decades handling heavy freight shipping and transporting different types of project cargo shipments between its hub at Miami International Airport and the 38 destinations it serves throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

For the proven experts at Amerijet, shipping oversized cargo around the world is a task that’s neither too big nor too problematic. But it takes a highly-skilled team to handle oversized cargo that can be very large in size and exceedingly heavy. Good examples include industrial machinery, machine parts and construction equipment.

What’s required for shipping oversized cargo?

The Amerijet team has decades of experience handling project cargo for a wide variety of uses. That includes shipping equipment for:

This kind of heavy freight shipping is often needed in industries like construction, manufacturing, boating and ship building, where oversized machinery needs to be transported to the production site.
For example, there could be a sudden and immediate need at the construction site for a forklift, excavators, large pipe or a sail mast. The company’s shipping manager is suddenly responsible for having that oversized cargo transported, but they may not be sure how to go about transporting it. In many instances, some of the machines and equipment will appear to be too wide, heavy, tall or long to fit the specifications for most ground or ocean container services, so they need shipping experts to handle this task for them.

Because heavy freight shipping requires proper planning and careful handling all the way.

If you are planning to make oversized cargo shipments, here are some issues to think about first.

The Amerijet team can answer all your questions

If you’ve never used cargo shipping services before, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind, including what you need to do as a shipper, what shipping method to use, and who will complete the paperwork and documentation for your shipments.

Amerijet has been in the cargo shipping industry for four decades, and our experienced team is ready to answer all your questions. As the shipper, it’s your responsibility to package your shipment, label it correctly, and complete all required documentation.

The Amerijet team is happy to answer all of your questions and can help you complete the required documentation to get your shipment to its destination.

And while there’s an array of options available for shipping your goods, air freight service is the best option for getting your items to their destination as quickly as possible.

At Amerijet, we are also specialists in ensuring the safe delivery of your largest cargo items, and in over-dimensional heavy freight shipping.

Amerijet’s fleet of aircraft is fully equipped to handle all types of large, heavy and oversized cargo shipments. Our team has handled

When it comes to heavy weight and over dimensional freight shipping, we understand how to transport your large cargo in a safe and effective way. That’s what makes Amerijet the best choice for even the most challenging and time sensitive large cargo shipments. You get a guarantee of a complete End-to-End Solution, from pickup to delivery throughout our entire service region.

An increase in oversized cargo shipping

Amerijet’s flexibility and tailored transportation services are the best choice for what can seem like the most challenging cargo shipments.

In recent years, Amerijet has seen increases in large medical equipment shipments between Miami and its destinations in Latin America.

Likewise, there are a lot of heavy freight shipments being made from Amerijet’s Houston office, where the majority of the project cargo involves machinery, parts and supplies moving into Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Venezuela and the Netherlands Antilles or back to U.S. points.  Heavyweight machinery being moved between Houston and the Caribbean and South America is often related to the oil and gas sector.

Fortunately, air cargo charter flights provide maximum flexibility for shipments that require immediate transportation. That’s important because heavyweight and project cargo are usually time-critical, and often require delivery to remote locations.

When you’re planning to ship cargo internationally, you want to be certain you protect your shipments from potential risk. That begins with the proper packaging of goods to ensure damage-free shipping. All shipments need to be packaged properly for safe transportation.

That’s particularly true if you’re planning on shipping oversized cargo.

At Amerijet, we have decades of experience handling all aspects of your crating or packaging needs. That can include warehousing your shipments prior to transporting them.

Amerijet can also assist with ground transportation to our international air hub to pick up your shipment from your home or business. Our team will provide you with professional packing and crating to safeguard your products during the shipping process.


If you have oversized cargo or are planning heavy freight shipping, and time is of the essence, rely on the Amerijet experts who have been handling large shipments for decades. We work in a collaborative relationship with every customer to provide the most cost-efficient solution.

Amerijet aims to provide a “one-stop-shop” for all our customers, and our goal has always been to make shipping as simple as possible. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, Amerijet offers a full range of services to meet your needs.

Contact us today at 1-800-927-6059 to learn more.

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