Project Cargo Experts Serving Oil and Gas Industry

Project Cargo Experts Serving Oil and Gas Industry

DATE: 10/04/19

The oversized and heavyweight cargo market is one of the most complex and specialized in the air cargo industry. Power stations, industrial machinery, construction equipment and vehicles, pumps, pipes, and generators are among this type of heavyweight freight, also known as project cargo. The energy industry is one of the biggest producers of project cargo where time is money and reliability is critical.

Amerijet International Airlines, a Miami-based freighter operator, offers scheduled air cargo services for all types of cargo, including heavy weight and odd size shipments. The company has offices in major cities of the U.S. and provides direct service to 73 destinations in 35 countries through more than 131 flights per week serving the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

Most of the ‘project cargo’ related shipments that originate from Amerijet’s location in Houston, Texas are tied to oil and gas production and processing. The decision to send this type of heavyweight or oversized freight by air versus ocean is often determined by the advantage of a shorter transit time versus cost. “When project cargo moves by air, the customer needs it quickly versus the weeks it takes for ocean transit,” said Nina Gonzalez, Southern & West Coast Regional Manager with Amerijet.

The many energy companies which are located in and around Houston and the U.S. Gulf Coast region are often the suppliers of oil and gas-related shipments. These include components for oil (and gas) drilling rigs, valves and motors, parts, oversized wire spools and tanks, as well as maintenance equipment and supplies. Other shippers include 3PLs and freight forwarders that handle the complete logistics on behalf of their customers.

Amerijet serves Guyana’s emerging oil industry market with dedicated -freighter service

Driven by the current build-up of offshore oil production in Guyana, Amerijet has seen a large increase of energy-related shipments to this country. With scheduled flights to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (GEO), Amerijet is the only U.S. freighter operator consistently providing air cargo services from the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe to Guyana for more than twenty (20) uninterrupted years.

“We carry many time-sensitive shipments, heavyweight cargo and hazardous materials – basically anything to do with drilling and production of for oil, Natural Gas and petrochemicals. Over half of our energy-related shipments are oversized, dense cargo. In addition, we provide service for parts or equipment which has to be shipped back to the U.S. for repair or overhaul,” Gonzalez said, noting Amerijet’s B767 freighters can accommodate heavy loads, and extremely wide or long shipments.

From the U.S., project cargo shipments are usually trucked to Amerijet’s hub at the Miami International Airport (MIA) for transit. Amerijet offers road feeder service to Miami from major cities in the U.S., with transit times of only 24 hours from Houston to Miami, and 72 hours from the West Coast to Miami.

In addition to Amerijet’s Guyana (GEO) air freighter service, other oil and gas-related destinations include Port of Spain, Trinidad (POS). Amerijet operates six weekly flights to POS.  Being that Trinidad is so close to Guyana, POS serves as a relief airport and warehousing for the neighboring country.

Amerijet certified to transport project cargo and dangerous goods shipments

As an all-cargo carrier, Amerijet can transport all types of hazardous material, including shipments containing oil, lithium batteries, radioactive material, explosives, flammable liquids or magnetized material. “Our team of certified hazardous material agents is able to assist all of our customers to ensure every shipment is in compliance with U.S. and international regulations governing the transportation of hazardous material,” Gonzalez further added.

About Amerijet

Amerijet serves the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America via its primary hub at the Miami International Airport. The company global network reaches destinations in Europe, Asia, Pacific, South Africa and the Middle East with seamless and transparent transportation solutions for customers shipping time-sensitive, valuable, hazmat, temperature controlled and other commodity types. Amerijet transports more than 300 million pounds (136 million kg) of cargo annually; utilizing its own dedicated freighter fleet of B767 aircraft

For more information about Amerijet, please email or call United States +305-506-2969 or Amerijet Guyana +592-227-6918.

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