Amerijet Marks 45 Years of Pioneering Transportation Solutions

Amerijet Marks 45 Years of Pioneering Transportation Solutions

DATE: 03/06/19

Amerijet Marks 45 Years of Pioneering Transportation Solutions

Amerijet International Airlines has the kind of experience customers are looking for, and that includes being in our 45th year providing consistent, experienced and reliable all-cargo service for our customers.

Throughout the past four decades, Amerijet has built up a global network that reaches 476 destinations in Europe, Asia, South Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific.

And in 2019, Amerijet marks one year of being in our new Miami facility, which has nearly tripled our space and has enhanced our ability to provide expanded first-rate cargo shipping solutions and dependable service.

Here at Amerijet, 45 years of experience represents our renewed strong commitment to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver customer service that goes above and beyond.

Amerijet has spent decades pioneering the highest quality, results-driven service with our flexible transportation solutions and innovative technology that always has the customer in mind.

How Does Amerijet Excel at Customer Service?

Truly great customer service begins with two things:

  • An understanding of how to become problem solvers who can quickly find the right solution for each customer.
  • And a dedicated team of seasoned customer service professionals who have devoted years, even decades, to delivering results.

Amerijet has that 45-year track record of success.

It’s that dedicated team, with proven expertise that has demonstrated the ability to handle every aspect of shipping – that’s what’s helped Amerijet’s longevity and customer loyalty.

At Amerijet, we recognize that our success over the past 45 years has been a direct result of our valued customers. That’s why the Amerijet team works so hard to not only assist our customers but guarantee that they get the best experience possible.

We’re ready to provide you with customer-focused service every day.

That expertise cuts across multiple departments, from our customer service agents to the staff at our individual stations, to our operations and sales team.

Whatever your needs are, we know how to deliver great results to you.

Amerijet Marks 45 Years Of Dedicated Service

Over the past four decades, Amerijet’s customers have given us the opportunity to prove our capabilities at delivering scheduled air freight and providing cargo shipping services to an increasingly diverse and multifaceted customer base.

From retailers needing to stock their shelves to manufacturers shipping to warehouses – and now e-commerce businesses and customers relying on first to market deliveries, Amerijet has become the single-source solution for all of your shipping needs.

Our services include handling all types of cargo. From general goods to fragile materials; from perishables to oversized cargo; from human remains to hazardous materials, Amerijet has proven time and again that we are the service provider for businesses and individuals.

As a full-service all-cargo carrier, Amerijet has become a steady and loyal partner to many import and export, agricultural, perishables and retail businesses in the United States, throughout the Caribbean, and worldwide.

Amerijet Expands with Our New Miami Hub

Throughout the decades, Amerijet has never forgotten one simple fact: that our customers have choices, so we need to build, maintain and strengthen their loyalty by providing superior service for every shipment we handle so we are their first choice.

To meet our customer cargo shipping needs, Amerijet has been able to expand last year into a new, 360,000 square-foot import/export facility and 40,000 square-foot perishable handling center to assist us in handling the most difficult loads.

Our customers need solutions for transporting time-sensitive, valuable, hazmat, temperature controlled and other commodity types. That’s why Amerijet’s cold chain management processes preserve the integrity of perishable shipments.

Amerijet operates its own dedicated freighter fleet of B767-300/200 aircraft from this hub to 38 destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Our new Miami hub gives us the ability to offer superior service while transporting valuable shipments that require safe handling, trained professionals, and security systems that exceed industry standards.

Amerijet Marks 45 Years of Convenience and Self-Service

Today people are shopping, conducting business and finding information online, and Amerijet recognizes how much our customers value self-service. That’s why our newly designed website,, is easy to navigate and you quickly can find what you need.

If you haven’t done so already, open a MyCargo account to easily book shipments online. It offers an array of tools that make it easy to plan and budget your shipments.

That includes our online Shipping Calculator providing the exact charge for each package, online shipping schedules, and the ability to track the progress of your shipment.  The MyCargo dashboard is regularly updated with new pricing and tariff information.

Amerijet’s extensive air and ground transportation network is backed up by enhanced online tools and self-service options in this industry.

With 45 years of experience, let Amerijet be your go-to air freight and cargo shipping service.

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