Early Holiday Shipping Is A Lot Less Stressful with an Experienced Partner Like Amerijet

Early Holiday Shipping Is A Lot Less Stressful with an Experienced Partner Like Amerijet

DATE: 10/04/18

The holiday season is coming up faster than you think, and a lot of people are starting to make a holiday shopping lists, book vacations and invite people for those big family meals.

The holiday season is coming up faster than you think, and a lot of people are starting to make a holiday shopping lists, book vacations and invite people for those big family meals.

Add something else to that agenda: start thinking now about any shipments you’re expecting to make, because even if the holidays are still a few months away, it’s smart to begin preparing for this busy season early. Waiting until the holidays are just weeks or days away could mean running the risk that your packages won’t arrive in time.

Think about how crowded the big box stores and shopping malls get from Black Friday on. The lines at the cash registers just get longer and longer as the day goes on. That’s the kind of competition that you’re going to face after Thanksgiving, and that’s at the mall. If you delay arranging to get holiday gift items shipped out, you’re going to face just as much competition there as well.

On the other hand, if you’ve made arrangements in advance of the holiday rush, that’s a strong peace of mind you’ll gained knowing you’ll be fully prepared long before millions of other people make a mad dash at the last minute to get their packages mailed.

Even better, you won’t be worrying about empty spaces under the Christmas tree where packages should be, or disappointed friends and family members calling to say your package never arrived

One surefire way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to be certain you have a proven and experienced shipping partner handling all your holiday shipments.

What can Amerijet International Airlines offer you during the holiday season? Amerijet has decades of experience handling all your shipping needs during the busy holiday season. The Amerijet team plans ahead to ensure everyone gets served with care, precision and speed.

There are other benefits you get by taking advantage of early holiday shipping options offered by Amerijet, and that includes the huge savings we offer if you book early.

And at a time when many people prefer shopping online, that’s another great advantage of shipping with Amerijet. Take advantage of our self-service options by opening a free MyCargo account that allows you to do all your bookings online, while also tracking your packages to ensure they’re getting to their destination on time.

Why Is It Important to Think About Shipping Early?

Keep in mind that the earlier you ship your items, the higher the guarantee that your package will arrive on time. And don’t forget that the holiday season is the busiest time of year for shipping. Early holiday shipping is the one certain way to guarantee that everything make it where it’s supposed to go.

In fact, holiday shopping and shipping are increasingly linked to one thing: the internet. One reason people no longer do all their holiday shopping at the last minute at the malls is because we’re in the digital age. Consumers can start researching and buying gifts months in advance. Unlike buying at the mall, online buyers need their packages gifts to get shipped to them quickly, so they wisely start early.

That, in turn, allows you to arrange a timely delivery to the locations they’re sending those gifts to.

But whether you’re doing all your shopping online, or you still enjoy being able to see all the items in the stores before you decide what to buy, you probably know from experience that the longer you put off your your shopping, the less time you give yourself for mailing them.

And you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to get those packages on their way to your loved ones. If you have long list of friends, family members, coworkers and others you’re sending gifts to, a last-minute stampede is something you want to avoid.

And let’s face it, the holidays can be a stressful time in plenty of ways. Early holiday shipping helps relieve your stress level.

The best way to plan ahead is to get your packages ready for shipping as early as possible, then to find a shipping company you can rely on in these busy shipping months.

In December alone, Amerijet scales up its staffing, operates additional flights and extends drop-off and receiving hours. That’s why Amerijet is the first choice of so many small business shippers because of this proactive planning.

But well before December arrives, the experienced team at Amerijet eliminates any worries about the reliability of last-minute deliveries. Amerijet has a proven track record for fast and efficient deliveries.

How Does Amerijet Make A Difference on Holiday Shipping?

Douglas Crowe, Amerijet’s Southeast Regional Sales Manager, oversees the company’s offices in Orlando, Tampa and Atlanta. He noted that well before December arrives, the Amerijet team is fully prepared to handle a fast-growing number of requests for holiday-related shipments.

“We operate multiple trucks per week into our main hub in Miami,” he notes. “That allows us to maximize our flight opportunities.”

Those requests, he said, come in from individuals, small and large businesses, and major freight forwarders moving large Fortune 500 business commodities. Those customers are well aware of how crucial timing is for the reliable delivery of holiday shipments.

“It’s the peak for everybody,” he says. “Right now, we’re actually having more phone calls about how we handle holiday shipments, and it gets extremely heavy right after Thanksgiving. Everybody is working to ship at that time.”

Crowe said his experienced team can walk customers through every aspect of the shipment process, from packaging to shipping products overseas and meeting custom rules. Amerijet provides early holiday shipping to worldwide destinations, including across the Caribbean. Very likely, there will be a much higher number of shipments made to the island in the next few months.

“If they want the ease of not worrying about their shipments, it’s all about planning ahead, and being prepared,” Crowe said. “And we always suggest to everyone that they should be packaging their goods carefully, in a secure shipping container.”

Since Amerijet ships everything around the holidays, from food being sent to loved ones who live thousands of miles apart, to other kinds of perishables, it’s important to package them very carefully, and Crowe noted that an experienced perishable shipping company can help guide customers through this process. Amerijet also has chilled storage at their transit points to keep those perishables safe.

Crowe noted that the MyCargo accounts are also a major asset, since they simplify the international shipping process. A MyCargo account allows customers to get an accurate shipping quote, make a payment online, schedule the pick-up or drop-off, and, mostly importantly, assure their packages get shipped.

And, by conveniently clicking on their MyCargo account through their smartphone, “They can track their shipments,” Crowe says.

Customers can also use their MyCargo account to choose between general or expedited shipping, and Amerijet offers pickup and delivery options as well.


When it comes to shipping during the busy and hectic holiday season, Amerijet offers a range of benefits that include lower prices on holiday shipping. By shipping early, you can avoid the higher shipping rates that come as you get nearer to the holidays, which can add up to huge savings.

Amerijet is also experienced at shipping perishables, a complex process but also one that makes up a good-sized percentage of holiday shipments.

Most importantly, using the experienced team at Amerijet and the MyCargo accounts helps take the stress out of holiday shipping, and lets you focus on other aspects of the holidays, like finding the perfect Thanksgiving turkey for the family dinner or getting your home beautifully decorated.

We handle the rest.

To find out more about your global shipping options with Amerijet, call our Customer Service line at 1-877-265-0358 or locally at 305-506-2992, or email us at customerservice@amerijet.com.

Visit our website and open a MyCargo Account, then feel secure in knowing your packages are on the way.

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