Amerijet Announces Major Enhancements to MyCargo Customer Service

Amerijet Announces Major Enhancements to MyCargo Customer Service

DATE: 03/22/18

Amerijet Announces Major Enhancements to MyCargo Customer Service

In today’s digital world, customers are shown to prefer self-service over contacting a support agent. Miami-based all-cargo carrier Amerijet International, Inc. has responded to customer feedback with enhanced online services and a major redesign to its customer portal MyCargo.

Amerijet is a premier, all-cargo carrier offering dedicated freighter service between the U.S. and the CaribbeanMexico, Central and South America, and beyond.

Direct shippers and freight forwarders can get quotes, book and manage their freight online at MyCargo. From one-time to frequent shipments, Amerijet customers can manage all aspects of their shipments at MyCargo, accessed at the website. “MyCargo customers have more convenience and efficiency when making shipping decisions  with our complete e-booking functionality for most commodity classes. They can manage their freight all in one place at their MyCargo dashboard,” said Christine Richard, Director of Marketing at Amerijet International.

Whether you are shipping personal items or commercial cargo by air, ground or sea, Richard  encourages direct shippers to sign up for their free MyCargo account.  “After setting up a secure MyCargo account, shippers will have all their account and shipment information available at their fingertips on their dashboard view. They can manage all their business with Amerijet in a way that is really customized to their business,” Richard said. This means that perishable shippers, for example, can apply perishable rates to their shipment for accurate quotes.

Customized solutions at the MyCargo portal

While quotes at the Amerijet website are always available, MyCargo account customers can print or email their quotes which are archived in the system. Shippers can select all their service parameters such as airport-to-airport, door-to-door or Expedited service and see price breakdowns. “Customers will also see an itemization of accessorial charges when shipments are subject to additional fees such as fuel surcharges, or hazmat fees in the case of dangerous goods shipments,” Richard said.

Functionality at the MyCargo portal includes:

  • Quote tools: instant e-quotes after shipment information is entered. Origin and destination information is selected from drop-down menus, and package details are entered, such as shipment dimensions and weight. Manage, print and save quotes.
  • Route planning tools include Amerijet air and ground schedules and interactive schedule search.
  • Required shipping documentation is available for online completion and customized to the type of cargo shipped.
  • Shipment booking tools include Ship Now feature for fast service.
  • Apply for a credit application with Amerijet, and access invoices.
  • Bill shipment to the recipient/consignee instead of the account holder/shipper.


When shipping commodities such as hazmat or live animals that require additional documentation and coordination than standard commodities, shippers will be put in touch with an Amerijet representative. Responsive customer service is always available through MyCargo and contact buttons at the website.

“When a customer is signed into MyCargo, navigation is seamless between the Amerijet website and their account information in MyCargo so they have access to all the resources at the regular website,” Richard said.

Advanced features of the MyCargo portal for commercial shippers include:

  • For frequent, high-volume customers with credit accounts, customers can make allotment bookings.
  • Add or remove users at your organization to access the  MyCargo account, under Manage Users at the dashboard.
  • Set the level of information users can access under Manager Users. For example, invoices for accounts payable titles.

“Amerijet has responded to customer input from users of our prior interface to make MyCargo truly a self-service center where ownership is with the customer. We continue to receive great feedback on the new MyCargo. Customers using the service are encouraged to give us further suggestions,” Richard concluded.

For more information about setting up your MyCargo account, please visit the FAQ : Learn/How-to-setup-MyCargo. Create your MyCargo account here. To speak with a customer service representative about your shipping needs to or from the CaribbeanMexico, Central and South America and beyond, call toll-free in the United States: 1-800-927-6059.

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