Amerijet ready to meet all small business shipping needs

Amerijet ready to meet all small business shipping needs

DATE: 04/24/17

It can be challenging and stressful running a small business. There’s a lot to balance, from the money coming in to the spending going out.

If you run a business that ships a lot of products, you don’t want your shipping needs to be one more thing on the list to worry about.

But at the same time, if you run an online retail business, it’s critical to ensure you can ship your products quickly and to be sure they reach their final destination, in the expected time frame, safe and sound.

For a lot of online retailers, as soon as they’ve got that package in the mail, they start watching the clock tick to meet their customers’ expectations.
There’s a better way.

For e-commerce retailers, shipping is a major concern today, at a time when modern consumers want their orders immediately. Retailers need to ensure that their shipments are delivered quickly to build customer loyalty in today’s e-marketplace.

At Amerijet, we understand that when it comes to building customer loyalty, shipping speeds and transparency are more important today than ever before. That’s why Amerijet is your ideal partner for U.S. domestic and international shipping.
At Amerijet, we offer a diverse range of air, ocean, and land freight services, providing you with experience you can count on. Amerijet has offices in more than 78 countries, and our air and ground network has made us a leader for on-time performance reliability.

Quick business shipping

Today, small businesses are looking for fast, reliable, and secure shipping. Small businesses need to know exactly where their shipments are, they need to be able to track or monitor every shipment to provide their customers with updated delivery information.
What they need is a partner like Amerijet to handle all of their shipping needs for them. As your shipping provider, Amerijet offers:

• Dependability and On-time performance
• Cargo Shipping Levels
o Small Package Service
o Standard
o Express
• Pick-up and Delivery Service
• Cargo Insurance
• Customs Brokerage
• Packing and Crating

By logging on to Amerijet’s website, you can create a MyCargo Account that allows you to conveniently book all your shipping needs online. It provides you with the ability to track and monitor every step of the delivery process, and you can get an update on a shipment at any given time.

Small Business Solutions

If you’re a small business owner, you don’t have the resources to build warehouses or contract drop shippers around the county. What you need is a strategic relationship with a proven leader in this industry.
At Amerijet, we have experience shipping every type of product, large and small, including:

• General Cargo
• Perishables Fruits and Seafoods
• Live Animals
• Hazardous Materials

There are no products too small or too large for us to handle. Your MyCargo Account gives you the custom tools needed to expedite their shipments. This is a personalized service that provides solutions to all your shipping needs. Amerijet has representatives who can review your options with you, and make sure you understand the different service options you can take advantage of.

Conclusion: At the core of every shipping decision you make should be the goal of meeting your customers’ expectations. If a carrier can save you money in the short run in terms of pricing, but if the service is poor and you lose customers, that means you ultimately lose money in the long term.
In this era of online shopping, this is critical.
That’s why Amerijet offers our small business customers decades of experience being fast and cost-effective. Contact Amerijet today to create your MyCargo Account and begin impressing your customers with speedy, reliable deliveries.

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