Amerijet’s MyCargo Accounts offer easy, convenient online shipping tools

Amerijet’s MyCargo Accounts offer easy, convenient online shipping tools

DATE: 04/17/17

For people who have regular packages that need to be shipped, the entire process couldn’t possibly be easier if they’re using Amerijet.

In fact, it’s so easy that you can handle all your shipping needs from the comfort of your own home.
To make shipping as convenient as possible for our customers, Amerijet has free, user-friendly MyCargo Accounts available on our website. Just create an account – and it only takes a few minutes to register – and you now have the ability to control all of your shipping needs easily and efficiently – and online.

Using your MyCargo Account, you can accomplish a multitude of shipping tasks, including:
• Getting shipping quotes.
• Making reservations to have your packages transported.
• Tracking your shipments from pickup to delivery.
• Checking your account balances.

Through Amerijet, you have the ability to manage your cargo shipping online, and decide when you need to schedule a pickup, and the entire process can be managed on your iphone, tablet or smart phone. All the decisions you want to make are right at your fingertips.


No Longer Complex

For some people, shipping can be the task they tend to put off. Whether you’re an individual shipping a gift package to relatives for their birthday, the aspiring entrepreneurs who sells items on Ebay, or the small business owner shipping supplies to his customer, shipping can be simple with the right partner.


Meeting Your Shipping Needs

Amerijet is the ideal partner for all your shipping needs. From the moment you book a shipment online using your MyCargo Account, we ensure your package gets safely to its final destination, and on time.

You also have an array of services to choose from. Available Amerijet services include:

• Domestic and international delivery
• Express delivery
• Delivery of general cargo and small packages
• Handling of Commercial Freight and personal shipments
• Expert knowledge of Customs Restrictions on commercial goods
• Expert knowledge of weight and dim restrictions

Amerijet also has experience shipping a wide variety of products, including:

• Dry goods
• Live Animals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Perishables
• Oversized cargo
• Dangerous Goods and hazardous materials
• Valuable/Fragile items

Using Amerijet’s MyCargo Account is the easy way to ship. Amerijet offers flat rate shipping through small package service, online tracking of your order, and insurance for all packages.

If you have any questions about shipping or shipping documentation, you can speak to one of Amerijet representatives. Amerijet has 25 offices in the United States and 130 international offices worldwide.

Conclusion: Simply put, there’s no need to worry about your shipping needs. There’s no reason to be concerned that it will be a time-consuming process.
Through the convenience of your MyCargo Account, let the proven shipping experts at Amerijet handle all your needs.

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