DATE: 02/16/21

Shipments described in this rule will only be accepted for carriage subject to the following conditions:


Live animals or certain types which are not restricted by any government regulation or law and are of a size adaptable to carriage, will be transported, provided advance arrangements have been made with the Carrier. The Carrier will not be responsible for mortality due to natural causes. Such animals will be transported provided that:

1.     They require no attention in transit;

2.     They are securely and properly crated in container(s), or are separated by stalls or other suitable devices acceptable to the Carrier;

3.     There has been satisfactory compliance with all laws, ordinances or other government rules and regulations governing the transportation of such animals.

The following will be accepted by the Carrier only under the conditions:

1.     Baby chicks, baby turkeys and ducklings, provided delivery at destination can be made within 72 hours after hatching. To avoid suffocation, the container(s) should be shipped either as individual pieces or if tied together, the container(s) must have separators between them.

2.     Small birds provided no special handling or feeding en route is required.


Uncremated human remains, cremated human remains, tissue samples, blood or body parts for scientific research will be carried by Carrier provided that advance arrangements have been made with the Carrier. Cremated human remains, tissue samples, blood will be transported without advance arrangements. Uncremated human remains and body parts for scientific research will be accepted for carriage only when they are secured in the casket to prevent shifting, are placed in hermetically sealed caskets, enclosed in outside containers, or in hermetically sealed metal cases, and are accompanied by a certificate of death. All laws, ordinances or other governmental rules or regulations governing the transportation of human remains must have been complied with by the Shipper and/or Consignee.


Sporting firearms, namely; pistols, shotguns, rifles and trapline guns; may be accepted for carriage between points in the United States, subject to advance notification to Carrier. NOTE: Shipment of these and other firearms may at times be accepted for carriage to certain destinations, subject to Shipper’s application direct to the Carrier, and Carrier’s confirmation that the specific shipment, routing and destination will be permissible. Carrier will not transport consignments of firearms unless all bullets, shells and cartridges are removed.


Shipments of perishables which are liable to deteriorate or perish due to changes in climate, temperature, altitude or other ordinary exposure, or because of length of time in transit, will be accepted without responsibility on the part of Carrier for loss or damage due to such deterioration or perishability subject to Rule No. 110 paragraph H  and the following:

1.     Advance arrangements have been made with the Carrier;

  1. Adequate packing;
  2. Self contained and packaged to withstand a 72 hour transit for international shipments and 48 for domestic;
  3. Prominent and clear marking or labeling of package(s): “PERISHABLES”.


Shipments will be accepted by Carrier with charges either prepaid or to be collected at destination, except that Carrier may decline to transport the following on a charges collect basis.

1.     Shipments to persons restrained of their liberty;

  1. Shipment addressed to government agencies, except when shipped by government agents presenting proper credentials;
  2. Shipments not equal in resale value to transportation charges thereon;
  3. Shipments of perishable commodities;
  4. Personal effects or household goods, used, not for resale;
  5. Shipments to countries where currency regulations or Carrier’s regulations do not permit shipments to be delivered upon a charges collect basis;
  6. Shipments of animals;
  7. Shipments of human remains;
  8. Shipments consigned to an individual who is the same person as the Shipper;
  9. Shipments addressed to Consignee temporarily at a transient address;
  10. Shipments to be delivered to customs;
  11. Shipment of vendor’s samples;
  12. Printed matter which has no commercial value.


Unusual shipments are:

1.     Oversized shipments, as defined in Rule 18 

2.     Packages or pieces of unusual shape

3.     Weight exceeding that qualified as oversized

4.     Requiring special attention

5.     Requiring special devices for safe handling

Unusual shipments will not be accepted for transportation unless advance arrangements have previously been made. Shipments requiring special devices for safe handling will be accepted only when such special devices are provided and operated by and at the risk of the consignor and/or Consignee.

F.     HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Hazardous materials are acceptable for carriage only under the conditions set forth and permitted by and in accordance with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Part 49, 171-177, issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, or IATA Regulations whichever is most comprehensive at the time and date of shipment.

NOTE: A number of acids, chemicals, plastic products and similar materials, although acceptable for carriage because of their content, are consigned under trade or technical names similar to names and items prohibited for carriage. Documents covering such consignments, including Air Waybill, must contain a description of the chemical contents of the article(s) consigned. Such shipments which meet the requirements as states herein, will be accepted for carriage provided that the Shipper:

1.     makes advance arrangements with the Carrier; and

  1. tenders to the Carrier the hazardous materials in separate packages and pieces.

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