Charter Your Cargo: Fast, Reliable & Efficient

Charter Your Cargo: Fast, Reliable & Efficient

DATE: 11/02/17

Charter Your Cargo: Fast, Reliable & Efficient

Did you know private charter jets are not just for luxury travel? There are a lot of reasons why businesses should consider utilizing a private charter to help solve their cargo shipping challenges.

One of the top reasons why charter flights are a great option for many companies is that they provide maximum flexibility. If your company needs immediate transportation because you’ve got emergency orders, for example, air cargo charter flights can be the best solution for time-critical shipments.

In fact, cargo charter flights can become a genuine lifeline for companies that routinely make shipments that need to be delivered quickly and efficiently, and require immediate transportation.

Cargo charter flights are frequently used by major industries including automotive, aerospace, mining, gas and oil. These businesses and many others, have come to rely on cargo charters to routinely ship a host of specialized items such as:

• Dangerous goods or hazardous materials
• High value commodities
• Pharmaceuticals
• Oversized equipment and heavy shipments
• Live animals
• Humanitarian relief goods
• Mechanical equipment or parts

At Amerijet, we understand “urgent shipping” needs, and we know that a lot of businesses rely on air cargo charter planes for quick transport of their products, especially unique cargo.

Charter flights are no longer a small niche industry limited to the very wealthy. The agency Air Charter Advisors noted that air cargo charters have become increasing popular, common and affordable for both businesses and individuals.

With the busy holiday shipping season approaching, have you thought about using air cargo charter planes for your unique shipping needs?

What are the advantages to charter flights?

For a lot of companies turning to charter flights, time is crucial. Cargo charter flights offer a flexibility that’s both appealing and much needed. If you’re coming up against a strict deadline and you need a reliable way to meet it, air cargo charters are the answer. Businesses large and small utilize them to transport a broad range of products.

Some of the key reasons that air cargo charters are the ideal solution for last minute packages or emergency shipments are:
• Shipments of humanitarian relief. When relief goods need to be transported immediately to impacted areas, air charters are particularly useful where roads, ports and other infrastructure may have been impacted or damaged by the disaster.
• Convenience. Charters are available around the clock, don’t have size restrictions and can be used to transport just one shipment if needed. Charters also fly all over the world and are relatively inexpensive compared to regular cargo flights.
• Flexibility. Charter planes fly to commercial airports, smaller or less crowded airports and remote areas.
• Diversity of what can be shipped. Air cargo charters can carry a wide variety of unique items – such as horses, livestock or poultry – which require experienced professionals for handling heavy and oversized freight being sent to remote locations.
• Speed. Charter planes allow for express shipping because they don’t face the same time restrictions as commercial planes and can travel anywhere–whatever times are necessary.

How can Amerijet meet your charter service needs?

Amerijet has more than 30 years of experience providing reliable and affordable air cargo shipping services. No matter what your urgent cargo shipping needs may be, Amerijet offer 24 hour air charter services worldwide by using our B767-200 fleet.

You also have the convenience of using our charter service one time, or you can book repeat flights throughout the year. Amerijet stations can be found all over the world and in almost every state within the U.S.

What do businesses need to know about charters?

If you haven’t used a charter service before, the Amerijet customer service team is available to answer all your questions. Our charter team has a strong track record of developing collaborative relationships with every customer, and they use their expertise to deliver your products quickly with the most cost-efficient solutions possible.

If your business needs to charter an aircraft for cargo shipping, discover why Amerijet is the right solution for you.

• Amerijet has flights departing daily to countries throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Amerijet also offers seamless connections to the rest of the world. Check out our flight schedule to see if any of our normal flights meet your shipping requirements, and if they don’t, chartering an aircraft through Amerijet may be your best option.

• If you have a bulk shipment that takes up a significant amount of space, that’s another good reason to consider Amerijet’s charter service. With a large volume, a dedicated aircraft is often the most cost-effective solution.

• Charting an aircraft for time-sensitive shipments helps them reach their destination as quickly as possible. You might also consider chartering an aircraft for special, high-value items.


Amerijet has more than four decades of experience providing air cargo shipping for all types of commodities. We handle international shipping to destinations around the world, and offer businesses standard, expedited and small package air cargo, as well as large commercial shipments. Amerijet’s international and domestic air cargo shipping is an excellent choice for speed and reliability.

Amerijet will work with you to find the right shipping solution both domestically and internationally to avoid delays and layovers in route to the destination. Both airport to airport and door to door shipping options are available when choosing air cargo shipping.

Contact us today at 1-800-927-6059 or at to learn more about the options we have available to provide charter service for your shipments. Visit the Amerijet website.

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