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Amerijet Customer Testimonials

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"Always Convenient and Easy" Kuehne and Nagel

"Superior Service" Quantum Pharm Rx

"Pieza Fundamental" (instrumental to success) Aimars, S.A.

"Great to work with" USA Cargo Services

"I am honored to be Amerijet’s customer" UTi Worldwide

"Professional and courteous" King Computer Corporation

"Our shipment was being monitored regularly" Express Cargo Logistic

"Profesional" DHL Global Forwarding SA DE CV

"Excellent working relationship" Victoria House

"Total confidence" CICSA Logistics

"Eficientes y manejo" Diusvi Diamonds SA DE CV

"They are ready to serve us" DSteam and Sauna SA DE CV

"Express our appreciation" Albatros International Forwarding

"Dependent on timely and correct deliveries of shipments" CACC Cargo NV

"Excellent service" CANIZ

"Always rely on" Ross Mould

"It is a pleasure to work with Amerijet" Express Transport By Air

"Optimal service" Mega Shipping Forwarding LTD

"Smooth and easy" Synergy Logistics

"Long and good relationship " Shipping Logistics, S.A.

"100% satisfied" CARGO, S.S.

"Cargo arrives complete" UPS SCS

"On Time, intact and always ready to go" Incredible Fish

"Maintaining the relationship" Commodity Forwarders Inc

"Consistency and reliability" Heads or Tail Seafood, Inc. & Marpesca Miami Corp

"100% satisfied" Montalvo y Montalvo, S.C

"Grateful" Exec Jet Club

"Unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations" Alternative Exports

"Best trained" HNM Global Logistics

"Quality of service" Pilot Freight Services

"Exceptional" SPARK International, LLC

"Beyond the call of duty" Standard Shippers Inc

"On-time connections" TML Taurus Logistics México SA DE CV

"Moving like clockwork" CBE USA International, Inc.

"Ensure satisfaction" Crane Worldwide Logistics

"Highly skilled and motivated" C & l International Transportation CO., LTD Qingdao Branch

"Outstanding job" Landing Cargo

"We appreciate your support" Capital Logistics Freight Svc. Del Peru

"Excellent service and support" ECM Express Cargo SA DE CV

"Excellent customer service" SVD Mexico S.A.

"Good rates and excellent service" E&M Logistics

"Preferable airline for moving cargo" Expeed Forwarding Inc.

"Total service commitment" Konecranes Inc.

"We value our relationship with Amerijet" Kintetsu World Express

"Long term relationship with Amerijet" Caribbean Flavors & Fragrances S.A

"Excellent cargo service" Haiti Fishing Company

"Outstanding" Les Essences Nido

"Highest quality customer service" Express Customs Service

"Exceeded our expectations" ESAU Oilfields Supplies Company Limited

"Continued dedication" Cargo Consolidators Agency Ltd

"Personalized service" MT Cargo Express

"Appreciation for the GREAT service " MUDISA, S.A. DE C.V.

"Thank you for being part of our day to day activities." Pier 17 El Salvador S.A de C.V

"Amerijet our favorite" Airmar Group

"Strategic partner" FedEx

"Responsible" Union Express Cargo

"Continued support" JDE Cargo Express

"Passionate" EGIS Air Consolidation Co

"Communication" Woojin Air Consolidators

"Seamlessly and effortlessly" Kajola Kristada Limited

"Extremely reliable" St. Kitts Brush

"Reliable integrated shipping" TDC Group of Companies

"Quality of service" APS

"Honest in their dealings" General Logistics Ltd

"Highly recommend" Accel Trans Ltd - Uzbekistan

"Get the job done" Cicsa Logistics

Kuehne and Nagel

“Amerijet International offers great rates and service for our shipments. The Representatives are dependable, quick and very responsive to our bookings requests. Working with the Amerijet team is always convenient and easy, and we are looking forward to doing more business in the future”. Kuehne and Nagel Dominique Cunningham, Aviation Coordinator

Quantum Pharm Rx

“I have worked with Amerijet for almost 20 years. Amerijet’s service offers superior service and competitive low rates. If I have a questions or need immediate assistance, Amerijet has always been prompt in returning email’s or phones calls”.
Quantum Pharm Rx
Jo Ann Leonhardt, Representative

Aimars, S.A.

“A quien interese, se le informa que hemos tenido relación comercial con Amerijet en Guatemala, en importaciones y exportaciones durante aproximadamente 4 años, tiempo en el cual han sido una pieza fundamental (instrumental to success) para el cumplimiento de nuestros clientes. Nos han apoyado en lo necesario, ya sea con tarifas, espacios, mercancías peligrosas, etc. Tambien en importación hemos obtenido apoyo con las cargas arribando a GUA para que estas ingresen de manera correcta a bodega y asi el cliente pueda realizar sus trámites de lay. Agradecemos al personal de Amerijet en GUA por el profecionalizmo que demuestran asi como su atención ”.
Luis Sosa, Air Manager Division

USA Cargo Services

"Amerijet has been great to work with. I can sincerely say that service both in response time and action has been very, very, good. Rates are competitive and points served are comprehensive. Thanks so much.”
USA Cargo Services
Mike McCauley, Export Manager

UTi Worldwide

“I am impressed by the quick response from Amerijet. Amerijet has amazing customer service from all station employees and I am honored to be Amerijet’s customer”. UTi Worldwide Jason Wayne Lewis, Export Representative

King Computer Corporation

“The Amerijet team is both professional and courteous! Thank you”.
King Computer Corporation
Pete Rolfes "

Express Cargo Logistic

“I have been using the services of Amerijet International Airlines since, over two years and have successfully sent shipments to a variety of destinations such as GEO, DOM, SKB, GND, POS, SLU, & UVF, to name a few. I am kept informed of the status of my shipments, on a daily basis. This gave me & my shipper the confidence we needed, in knowing that our shipment was being monitored regularly.”
Express Cargo Logistic
Yagnesh M. Pandya, General Manager

DHL Global Forwarding SA DE CV

“Quiero mencionar que trabajamos con Amerijet MEX, GDL y MTY bastante bien, mantenemos una excelente relación laboral con el equipo de ventas, recibimos todo el apoyo para el manejo de nuestros embarques en general en sus notificaciones y conexiones en MIA para todos los destinos que usamos. Siempre mantienen una actitud de servicio y atención profesional (profesional) para la exportación, sería bastante bueno que el servicio se reflejara también a la importación.”
DHL Global Forwarding SA DE CV
Air Export Coordinator: Raul Lara

Victoria House

“Here at Victoria House, we’ve been dealing with Amerijet almost since I was hired as GM in 1996. I’ve developed an excellent working relationship with Amerijet. Job well done all! We value our relationship with Amerijet and look forward to continuing it. ”
Victoria House
Brent Kirkman, General Manager

CICSA Logistics

“I would like to express my thanks to Amerijet International, Inc. for the excellent service the company has provided to us throughout the years. Amerijet International, Inc. has our total confidence when it comes to the shipping of what is often very delicate and highly valuable for our clients.”
CICSA Logistics
Gabriel Mier, Logistics Manager

Diusvi Diamonds SA DE CV

“Economica y Simpre con excelente actitud en el servicio. Solluciones Logisticas practicas, eficientes y manejo (efficient and safe handling) seguro de las mercancías. Satisfaccion Grantizada”.
Diusvi Diamonds sa de cv
Miguel Alejandro Perez Hermida, General Traffic International

DSteam and Sauna SA DE CV

“Working with Amerijet has been very good. We have never had any inconvenience, and you are always serving us and helping us, which has made us feel confident in putting our merchandise in Amerijet’s hands. The team is always on the lookout and whenever we have any questions or if there is anything we need, they are ready to serve us, always offering a good deal. Thank you for working well together”.
DSteam and Sauna SA DE CV
Alejandra Claverie, Manager

Albatros International Forwarding

“On behalf of Albatros International Forwarding in Curacao, we would like to express our appreciation of your efficiency in air transport. We have been working together for a long time.”
Albatros International Forwarding
Ronald Lok, Director


“We want to express our satisfaction of dealing with Amerijet International, Inc., for 20 years. Established on an island CACC Cargo NV is very dependent on timely and correct deliveries of shipments, both for our customers and our organizations. Any quality shipment for our customers can only be successful if the shipments of goods are handled promptly and accurately. In these years we experienced excellent service from Amerijet International, Inc., our relationship with Amerijet International, Inc., has become one with trust and confidence in handling critical shipments without having to get too much involved ourselves.”
E. Motjee, Customer Service


“Servicio por excelencia (excellent service) y entrega total al compromiso para las exportaciones de Caniz en general.”.
Carlos Antonio Palacios, Airport Coordinador, Import and Export

Ross Mould

“I just want to say how much we at Ross Mould love working with all of you. You are always more than willing to help us out and have done just that on numerous occasions. Dependability of your staff and your drivers is something we can always rely on with you. We know that we can always count on your best pricing and best availability of trucks to ship to our customers, even when we are in a bind. Thank you for all you do for us”.
Ross Mould
Shannon Maxwell, Sales

Express Transport By Air

“It is a pleasure to work with Amerijet as they are quick and efficient when making bookings and responding to emails. I am hoping to get more freight for the destinations you cover and will be my first thought to contact you. Thank you”.
Express Transport By Air
Linda Hilger, Export Agent

Mega Shipping Forwarding LTD

“Knowledgeable sales representation and optimal service. Post flight follow-up and good customer service”.
Mega Shipping Forwarding LTD.
Pinar Mansur, Air Export Dept. Supervisor

Synergy Logistics

“My experience with Amerijet is wonderful. Customer service is polite and curtious. Our shipment arrived on time with no damages and the recovery was smooth and easy. Thank you.” Synergy Logistics Terri Cassie, Customer Service & Operations Manager

Shipping Logistics, S.A.

“Amerijet is flexible, we appreciate Amerijet’s services and expect a long and good relationship between our companies.” Shipping Logistics, S.A. Rodolfo Valladares, General Manager and Legal Representative


“We would like to state that the service and attention received from your station in Guatemala is truly exceptional, teams always go above and beyond to assist us. Amerijet is our main option when handling cargo to The Caribbean. Mutual customers are always satisfied with the fast and cost effective way to handle their shipments, and it becomes us into a 100% satisfied cargo agency. We want specially point the friendly, accommodating and patient assistance we always receive from Luis Caballeros”. CARGO, S.S. J. Rafael Golon Paiz, Chief Executive Officer


“We have not had any problems with the cargo is moved thru Amerijet. Cargo arrives complete to its final destination and flight scheduled has been met accordingly. Our requirements for booking request, rates and AWB number assignment are answered in time.” UPS SCS Cinthia Zacaris, Customer Service Agent

Incredible Fish

“In our more than 15 years doing business with Amerijet, we have found them to be especially efficient and a great partner. They have been a major factor in growing our import business their slogan “We Get It There”, is on the mark for our business. It should say “We Get It Here – On Time, intact and always ready to go…Thank you Amerijet”. Incredible Fish Lew Engleman, Treasurer

Commodity Forwarders Inc

“I want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service Amerijet provides, maintaining the relationship and quality of the services. We sincerely appreciate your awareness and the way your team help us moving the cargo of our Customers. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.” Commodity Forwarders Inc. Giovanni Vivanco. Regional Manager

Heads or Tail Seafood, Inc. & Marpesca Miami Corp

“It is has been a pleasure working with Amerijet International during the past fifteen years. They service the countries in which I do business, and their consistency and reliability have enabled me to succeed in servicing my customers in a timely basis. Amerijet's main focus has been and continues to be to provide excellent customer service and to stay in the forefront of the market Thanks Amerijet!” Heads or Tail Seafood, Inc. & Marpesca Miami Corp. Ramon J. Moreno, Vice President

Montalvo y Montalvo, S.C

“Hacemos de su concimiento el resltado de la reciente evaluación annual que practicamos a nuestros Proveedores; en el cual el resultado obtenido en los servicios que nos presentaron es satisfactorio con un nivel de cumplimiento del 100% (100% satisfied); por loque están considerados como proveedores confiables”. Montalvo y Montalvo, S.C Fernando Sanchez, Gerente de Operaciones

Exec Jet Club

“This was my first time having to ship packages internationally and I could not have been more grateful for the time, patience, and courtesy I was given. Amerijet took me step-by-step through the process - explaining in detail what I needed to do and what paperwork was required. After my third shipment today, I feel like a pro!” Exec Jet Club Melissa Bell, Office Manager

Alternative Exports

“I was initially impressed with Amerijet’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I hired them at one of our customer’s request a couple of years back. During the two years we have been working together they have consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily recommend their transport services to as many people as possible. Amerijet’s services are reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Particularly valuable to me, is Amerijet’s team player mind-set, enthusiastic embrace of change in circumstances, and unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations. This company is very Organized and Diligent. They have my highest recommendation as a shipping company”. Alternative Exports Sandy L. Hernandez, Administrator

HNM Global Logistics

“When working with Dangerous Goods, you need the support of qualified Carriers. I find that Amerijet has some of the best trained DG Operatives in the business. Whether it’s land or Air, they truly get it there”. HNM Global Logistics Cleveland Watson, Director, Special Projects Division

Pilot Freight Services

“As an International Operation representative for Pilot Freight Services, I work directly with different airlines across the world seeking for the best services for my customers. Every airline promotes basically the same services when it comes to moving cargo from one country to another. However what makes Amerijet International different from the others is their quality of service.” Pilot Freight Services Omar Ortiz, International Operations Representative

SPARK International, LLC

“We feel it is the best overall Air Cargo option to our market in the NE Caribbean. The company has shown interest in our home city and has established a service center here. We use Amerijet both Northbound and Southbound and have had very good success. Amerijet has been exceptional overall.” SPARK International, LLC Dean Brennan, President

Standard Shippers Inc

“My company’s experience with the Amerijet office in St. Vincent has been excellent. They are very knowledgeable and reliable staff is always ready and willing to give assistance where required. They regularly go beyond the call of duty to give support when requested and are very consistent in providing this type of service which we consider very professional.” Standard Shippers Inc. Rodderidge Powers, Manager

TML Taurus Logistics México SA DE CV

“El servicio que brinda Amerijet a TML Taurus Logistics México es muy eficiente, su servicio es muy personalizado y cuento gente muy amable y accesible desde que comenzamos a trabajar con ellos aproximadamente hace 8 años nuestros embarques para SDQ y SJU. Todo el personal nos brinda el apoyo necesario y facilidades para poder agilizar la descarga de las exportaciones en aduana, en cuestión de logística de la carga no se ha tenido problema debido a que nuestros embarques han salido en tiempo y las conexiones (on-time connections) son programadas en los vuelos más próximos que ellos nos confirman y nos envían el mismo día de la salida de los vuelos con fotografías de que la carga esta siempre protegida en toda la ruta.” TML Taurus Logistics México SA DE CV Supervisora Exportación y Operaciones: Maria Elena Hernandez R

CBE USA International, Inc.

“On behalf of the clients and staff of CBE USA International, Inc., we would like to thank you for the years of continued support of our operations. We sometimes take good companies for granted, since, so long as the shipments are moving like clockwork, you become invisible, which is a good sign. Thanks again for the ears of efficient service, and we look forward to more business in the future.” CBE USA International, Inc. Nigel Williams, Export Manager

Crane Worldwide Logistics

“I would like to take a moment to recognize the professional, courteous service we here at Crane Worldwide received from the Amerijet customer service agents. Amerijet is always willing to accommodate our needs and do what is necessary to ensure satisfaction of the services provided to us and the international shippers who chose to utilize Crane Worldwide for their export needs.” Crane Worldwide Logistics Pedro Leyvas, Account Manager

C & l International Transportation CO., LTD Qingdao Branch

“I’m very excited to write to express my thanks to you. I was impressed with the type of services your team provides. The entire team certainly seems to be highly skilled and motivated. I can always get information and feedback from you on time.” C & l International Transportation CO., LTD Qingdao Branch Nina Liu, Operations Manager

Landing Cargo

“I have worked in this company for over 10 years already and contacted with Amerijet PEK office for over 3 years, through such long time I get a very comfortable service and see the Amerijet did an outstanding job in this period. As an offline product, Amerijet really did greater than the online airlines, I trust Amerijet will have an excellent future and meantime, I will support Amerijet all along.” Landing Cargo Henry, Sales Manager

Capital Logistics Freight Svc. Del Peru

“We appreciate your support into the different tools that Amerijet offer in its website in order, we can follow up our shipments status. ” Capital Logistics Freight Svc. Del Peru Juan Castro C., Dpto. de Exportaciones

ECM Express Cargo SA DE CV

“El servicio y ayuda es excelente (excellent service and support) y siempre están al pendiente de nuestras reservaciones y siempre confirmando las salidas de las exportaciones que se tienen, un equipo complete la gente de exportación de Amerijet, los tiempos de conexión y vuelos siempre están en tiempo.” ECM Express Cargo SA DE CV Jose Rojo Mendez, Gerente de exportaciones

SVD Mexico S.A.

“The service we received from Amerijet is always great. Excellent customer service and they answer our bookings very fast, also they are always giving us status early in the mornings, we have minimum delays in our flight.” SVD Mexico S.A. Maria Villanueva Hernandez, Air Assistant

E&M Logistics

“Desde hace 2 años iniciamos relaciones comerciales con Amerijet. Que ha sido excelente para nosotros al contar con otra opción de una línea aérea de carga. Con buenas tarifas dándonos un excelente servicio (Good rates and excellent service). Con la recepción de lacarga. Son hábiles con el seguimiento de nuestra carga, la disponibilidad del personal, y ya no solo depender de ups”. E&M Logistics Robulo Miranda Veg, Operations Manager

Expeed Forwarding Inc.

“We recognize the efficient service of Amerijet which is evident from the time of quoting to the time of delivery. The quick reply and the competitive rates make Amerijet our preferable airline for moving cargo to many airports all around the world.” Expeed Forwarding Inc. Moises Soberanis Mena, Commercial Manager

Konecranes Inc.

“I have come to expect nothing than total service commitment and outstanding customer service from our Nation Express representative Toni Howber. Toni consistently goes above and beyond to guarantee both Konecranes and their customers that our expedited needs are met with the urgency and dedication that they demand. Nation Express in Dayton is aces in my book.” Konecranes Inc Shane Spencer, Logistics Supervisor

Kintetsu World Express

“The Caribbean, Central and South America are not our strongest cargo points, being a Japanese freight forwarder. However, we utilized Amerijet to such destinations because they provide the quality service that our customers required. As well as rates that allows us to be competitive in the market. Their sales staff is always prompt and friendly as are their customer service representatives. We value our relationship with Amerijet and will continue to support them.” Kintetsu World Express Adam Nash, Air Export Customer Service Supervisor

Caribbean Flavors & Fragrances S.A

“We have been working with Amerijet for the past 10 years. We have stablished a high degree of trust in them as they provide good rates and exceptional customer service. We look forward to continuing long term relationship with Amerijet.” Caribbean Flavors & Fragrances S.A Joel Blanchard, Production Manager

Haiti Fishing Company

“Haiti Fishing Company has been using Amerijet’s excellent cargo service for several years. We are very satisfied with the way they handle our precious live cargo. Their staff is courteous, friendly and are always ready to solve the many difficulties that arise doing business from Haiti. It’s good doing business with Amerijet International.” Haiti Fishing Company Jean- Bernard Dupoux, PDG, Owner

Les Essences Nido

“For the last 4 years, I have been receiving outstanding serice from Amerijet and their staff.” Les Essences Nido Jean Dominique, PDG

Express Customs Service

“Fast service and very well appreciated in a slow paced environment. Keep up the good work and thank you.” Express Customs Service Fritz Richardson, Operations Manager

PCL Enterprise

“I am a long time customer of Amerijet and will be for many years to give thanks to the service provided by the staff both in Miami and in PAP. Amerijet provides my business PCL enterprise the highest quality customer service and has always been there for all my shipping needs. Once again thank you for all and congrats.” PCL Enterprise Serge Delma, President & CEO

ESAU Oilfields Supplies Company Limited

“In today’s world our core competency is to exceed the expectations of our customers and when we achieve this we reinforce our unique competitive advantage. In order to provide this level of service it is imperative that ESAU synergistically align itself with providers that follow our philosophy. Amerijet is our MOST important provider and your company has repeatedly exceeded our expectations. In order to import materials into Trinidad it is vital that you have a partner like Amerijet on your side.” ESAU Oilfields Supplies Company Limited Peter Ghany, Director

Cargo Consolidators Agency Ltd

“Amerijet’s efficiency enables us to meet the requirements of our main customers. Thanks for your continued dedication to our business.” Cargo Consolidators Agency Ltd Pete Patience, Business Development Manager

MT Cargo Express

“En el caso de las exportaciones desde Miami hacia otros países, el servicio brindado al cliente nos parece excelente ya que es un servicio personalizado (personalized service), cada vez tenemos un inconveniente, siempre encontramos una persona que nos pueda apoyar a resolver no importa la hora/día.” MT Cargo Express Amilcar Luna, Director


“We hereby wish to inform that our company MUDISA as a Leading Freight Forwarding organization in El Salvador is very pleased with the support and cooperation received by Amerijet El Salvador and it’s staff members, for over the past several years. We would like to express our special gratitude and appreciation for the GREAT service to Mr. Julio Cesar Guevara, Guadalupe Laínez and Noemi Romero.” MUDISA, S.A. DE C.V. Juan Carlos Romero, Vice President

Pier 17 El Salvador S.A de C.V

“Assistance / service at the airport is really good, the personnel helps with documentation and receiving cargo. Thank you for being part of our day to day activities.” Pier 17 El Salvador S.A de C.V Hiromi Sugisawa Portillo, Business Process

Airmar Group

“We inform you that it has been very productive relation with Amerijet staff; we feel very glad with the services provided and hoping to continue to have more business. Also we want to mentioned that high of percent of consolidate imports consigned to AIRMAR S.A coming up to Honduras are handled by Amerijet our favorite.” Airmar Group Roberto Cerrato, Air Manager


“Amerijet has been our strategic partner for many years, helping us move heavy weight shipments for our customer. We have a very good relationship with AJ SAP sales team; they´ve always been really helpful.” FedEx Christian Bulnes, Operations Manager

Union Express Cargo

“We have maintained business relationship with Amerijet since April of 2013 and we believe it is a very serious company and responsible enough with their flight itineraries, staff is very proactive too.” Union Express Cargo Wendy Martinez, General Manager

JDE Cargo Express

“I would like to take a minute to Thank Amerijet Honduras for your continued support to our company with competitive rates, excellent customer services. Hoping this commercial relationship for long terms.” JDE Cargo Express Jessy Castellon, Station Manager

EGIS Air Consolidation Co

“When we ask the space and way of handling, Amerijet never reluctant to handle it rather than other carriers. Sales manager and reservation staffs are always passionate. I am so touched Amerijet’s sales effort. This is the most strong advantage of Amerijet in Korean Air cargo market. Your interline service get me feel awesome. Thank you for providing good quality service for customers and hope that keep up the good working in Korea air cargo industry.” EGIS Air Consolidation Co Jason Lee, Office Agent

Woojin Air Consolidators

“I am very satisfied with Amerijet service especially to transport our client’s cargo on reserved flight without fail and was impressed with sincere POT and POD service for even small cargo. I was impressed by Amerijet’s sincere handling and communication.” Woojin Air Consolidators Minjeogn Koo, Reservations Manager

Kajola Kristada Limited

“With Amerijet’s competitive rates and short lead times, we are able to seamlessly and effortlessly ship palletized orders to our customers in North America and Europe. This is a really big deal when you are shipping directly to customers from a small Caribbean island.” Kajola Kristada Limited Deborah Casson, Material Manager

St. Kitts Brush

“Prior to Amerijet coming on the scene, airfreight service to and from St. Kitts was marginal at best. Amerijet has proven to be extremely reliable in maintaining affordable scheduled services to St. Kitts and offering second to none ground support through KDP. Keep up the terrific work!” St. Kitts Brush Graydon Walker, Owner

TDC Group of Companies

“It a privilege to have Amerijet as one of our corporate partners. For well over two decades, your reliable integrated shipping service has allowed us to satisfy the needs of our many valued clients across the federation in various sectors. In fact your core business values; trustworthiness, dependability, and service excellence are identical to ours and are traits which we strongly uphold and highly regard, especially in today’s rapidly changing modern business environment.” TDC Group of Companies Nicolas Menon, Director


“СП «Автопромснаб-спедишн» ООО выражает благодарность фирме «Imaj Ulus. Taş. Inş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti» за качественное выполнение (quality of service) услуг по подготовке специальных разрешений для перевозки крупногабаритных грузов по территории Узбекистана, а также по сопровождению автопоездов с негабаритным грузом.” APS Генеральный директор

General Logistics Ltd

"We have worked closely with SRX Transcontinental on various projects and have always been pleased with the results. They are professional and honest in their dealings and are a pleasure to work with. No project or challenge is too large for their enthusiastic response.” General Logistics Ltd Kwon Jieun

Accel Trans Ltd - Uzbekistan

“They are pleasing to work with. They are professionals in air and ground transportation as well as documentation and governmental interaction. We can highly recommend them for any cargo transportation project. They are particularly good at international freight movement and set-up.” Accel Trans Ltd - Uzbekistan Hendrika Adine Camile, Director

Cicsa Logistics

“I would like to express my thanks to Amerijet International Inc., for the excellent service they have provided us throughout the years. Amerijet International Inc., has our total confidence when it comes to the shipping of what is often very delicate and highly valuable for our clients. They have the ability to fulfill our international shipments. Whether our shipment is large or small, complex or simple, they get the job done for us.” Cicsa Logistics Gabriel Mier, Logistics Manager