Amerijet’s Shipping Stations Make Holiday Shipping Fast and Convenient

Amerijet’s Shipping Stations Make Holiday Shipping Fast and Convenient

DATE: 11/07/17

Amerijet’s Shipping Stations Make Holiday Shipping Fast and Convenient

As the busy holiday shipping season approaches, a lot of individuals, families and businesses will devote countless hours to preparing packages to be shipped. For some of them, the actual process of getting those items shipped – traveling to the nearest shipping facility, waiting in a long line, and dealing with impatient clerks — can be something they dread.

At Amerijet we understand those concerns, which is why we remain committed to providing remarkable customer service experiences at all of our stations.

The holidays can be a wonderful time to celebrate the season with family, friends and coworkers, and to enjoy all the special yuletide events and activities that go on between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But this can also be a stressful time as people juggle their holiday shopping needs with all the shipping they have to do.

By visiting your local Amerijet station, you can definitely expect something different. The staff at our stations go out of their way to be friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about all aspects of shipping. They’re available to assist you in every way possible, to answer all your questions, and to help get you in and out of there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To save time, you can book everything online by opening a MyCargo Account on our website. You can use that account to get shipping quotes, make reservations, track your shipments and check account balances. You can easily make arrangements for all your holiday shipping from the comfort of your own home. Simply complete your order online and bring your detailed quote with you to the nearest Amerijet station. Then our staff will pull up your information, weigh your package and complete the transaction so you can be on your way.

Amerijet makes a difference for your shipping needs

Customer satisfaction is only one of the many goals we strive for at our Amerijet domestic stations. We have decades of experience providing expert shipping advice and service to our customers, which is particularly helpful during the holiday season.

From commercial shipments to individual packages, the holiday cargo shipping season is about to get very busy in November and December. Fortunately, we handle all types of commodities, including:

• Perishables
• Dry goods
• Small packages
• and oversized shipments.

Whatever it is you’re sending, we can ship it.

Amerijet has facilities across the country, a strong network in place to ensure that your shipments reach their destination safely and on time.

We offer competitive rates, and you can count on getting a great value when you ship with Amerijet.
And remember, we also back up all our shipping services with our excellent customer support.

Handling all your holiday shipments

Amerijet also offers a full range of air freight shipping services to meet the needs of residential and commercial shippers. Our services include standard air shipping, express air shipping, small package shipping, oversized cargo shipping, door-to-door delivery (in the U.S. and Canada), and charter services.

We know that during the busy holiday season, you’re looking for a completely hassle-free experience when it comes to shipping your holiday packages – that’s where we come in. For example, with Caribbean freight shipping, there’s special documentation that needs to be completed and certain rules that need to be followed. We’ll help you every step of the way to make the process as simple as possible.

Amerijet operates its own dedicated freighter fleet of B767-300/200 aircraft from its primary hub at the Miami International Airport; but we also have shipping centers across the country. This gives us the ability to quickly move your products to their final destination from those centers.

The Amerijet website allows you to access the list of the Amerijet Service Network, which will provide you with the phone, fax numbers and email address for each individual office.
Select the station closest to you, and call our local team to get information about your shipments.

Domestic Stations across the country

Amerijet has domestic stations covering most of the country, with all stations conveniently located in industrial areas near other businesses. So if you need a product shipped quickly, just visit the drop-off center closest to you.

You can also contact your nearest Amerijet station if you have any questions. Our team will help you get your shipments ready to be sent. Our stations are staffed by seasoned experts, who are bilingual and fully understand how urgent your commercial shipping needs are.

Our staff is trained to assist with:

• Consolidated cargo
• Managing hazardous materials
• Shipping fragile items
• Providing businesses with transport options
• Delivering a long list of products that are temperature sensitive in our climate controlled setting that safely protects them. This includes items like fruits and vegetables, flowers, live animals, frozen foods, high value items, and hazardous materials.
• Giving you the option to ship anywhere, which is ideal for last minute packages, emergency shipments and cargo that’s on a deadline.


With the holidays fast approaching, we’re all going to be busy and the last thing you need to worry about is your holiday shipping needs. Be confident and ship early.

Contact Amerijet today and find out how easy and convenient it is to ship your holiday items with us. Visit our website and open a MyCargo Account, and that will give you peace of mind at Thanksgiving knowing your packages are on the way.

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