Amerijet Serves Couriers and Fulfillment Companies in Growing International Ecommerce Marketplace

Amerijet Serves Couriers and Fulfillment Companies in Growing International Ecommerce Marketplace

DATE: 10/20/19

Online shopping isn’t just limited to consumers. Ecommerce is booming to both the B2B and B2C markets. The global Business to Business ecommerce market valued at approximately 12.2 trillion in 2019, estimated at more than six times that of the Business to Consumer market, according to the B2B Ecommerce 2019 report by Statista.

In the B2B space, online sellers expect ecommerce to improve their revenue growth, yet face pressure to provide not only excellent service to their clients through their own customer service teams but also via their partners being courier companies or transportation providers

Growing global and Latin America ecommerce markets

More than one-half of all cross-border ecommerce purchases take place on a growing number of online marketplaces, not just the largest online selling platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay in the B2C and B2B spaces, but vertical, specialized marketplaces which sell anything from chemicals and industrial equipment to furnishings and office supplies to B2B markets.

Retail ecommerce is still in the early stages of consumer adoption, representing 4.2% of Latin America’s retail industry this year. However, as more users come online, we estimate that more than one-third (35.0%) of the region’s population will make a digital purchase in 2019. We expect retail ecommerce sales in Latin America will grow 21.3% to $71.34 billion, tying the region with the Middle East and Africa as the world’s second-fastest-growing retail ecommerce market as published by eMarketer in June of 2019.

Finding a transportation service provider for international shipments

U.S. domestic and international ecommerce providers must provide timely communications with the customer about product availability, shipping and delivery. As a result, their transportation and delivery providers such as courier companies as well as express, parcel and air carriers must help these ecommerce sellers save time and money while providing unparalleled service levels to the customer.

According to the 2019 23rd Annual Third-Party Logistics (3PL): State of Logistics Outsourcing study, by Professor John Langley at Smeal College and Korn Ferry, the top priorities of both shippers and 3PLs for omnichannel fulfillment are 1) customer service; 2) service levels; and 3) freight costs.

Amerijet courier and fulfillment solution

Amerijet International Airlines, headquartered at Miami International Airport (MIA), is a dedicated all-cargo carrier serving the ecommerce shipping needs of Central America and the Caribbean. Amerijet offers direct service to 73 destinations in 35 countries serving the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America and worldwide.  Amerijet transports more than 300 million pounds (136 million kg) of cargo annually; utilizing its own dedicated freighter fleet of B767 aircraft.

“We work closely with courier companies, consolidators and distributors of international parcels and shipments serving the ecommerce market, providing seamless air connections to Central America, the Caribbean and beyond,” said Carlos Gonzales, Senior Director of Sales at Amerijet.

Amerijet offers couriers and fulfillment companies a versatile, cost-effective alternative to the restrictions and premium pricing of the integrated express carriers and in some cases, an economical alternative to ocean shipping when end-to-end costs are considered.

“For our courier shipments, we have a minimum weight of 65 pounds, with an open-ended maximum weight,” said Carlos Gonzales, Senior Director of Sales at Amerijet. Many kinds of ecommerce orders can be shipped as general cargo on Amerijet, that is, non-perishable dry goods which don’t require special handling, and are packaged in single units such as durable courier bags, or on pallets, skids or in containers and crates.

Amerijet encourages shippers to pack shipments in sturdy containers, such as standard D containers box for bulk cargo boxes on pallets, E container boxes, and prepare shipments for shipping in standard airline shipping ULD (unit load device) containers, primarily LD-2, LD-7, LD-8, and AAX size.

Ecommerce shippers and their courier partners appreciate Amerijet services such as high-priority handling and expedited ramp transfers at its hub in Miami, including Express Shipping (GCX) for expedited, time-definite service, and Rush Expedited/Drop Ship (RXS) which allows receipt of freight up to two hours prior to a flight departure among other customized services.

Standard to all Amerijet shipment services are in-transit updates, online shipment tracking, individual account management and 24/7 security and surveillance at its facilities. For more information about Amerijet, please email or call 305-506-2969.

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