Amerijet Deploys Automated Warehouse Technology at Miami Hub

Amerijet Deploys Automated Warehouse Technology at Miami Hub

DATE: 07/26/19

Warehousing is a very important part of logistics management. Warehouse automation has come a long way in recent decades technology paves the way for more digital automation, robotics and even artificial intelligence.  Efficient warehouse operations also bring economic benefits and speed to air cargo carriers.

Recently Amerijet International Airlines moved into a state-of-the-art warehouse facility at the Miami Airport. Miami International Airport is America’s largest international cargo gateway to the world and 11th busiest airport worldwide. The 360,000 square-foot (33,500 sq. meter) facility offers added efficiencies and convenience to international air shippers.  The all-cargo carrier serves 49 destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America with scheduled frequency utilizing its fleet of B767 freighter aircraft.   In addition, Amerijet provides services to 475 destinations worldwide through its longstanding agreements with interline partners.

Air freight processing with advanced material handling systems

“We have a lot of technology we use such as special 3D measuring technology to capture accurate measurements for the dimming and weighing of freight which eliminates a lot of manual processes and also validates the condition of the shipment upon arrival,” said Alfonso Aleman, Senior Director of the MIA Hub and Domestic Operations at Amerijet.

The 3D measuring system is linked to scanners and barcodes, which uploads the shipment information to generate shipping labels and shipping documentation. “Every shipment is linked to a barcode to immediately provide our shippers with tracking information for full transparency. We also have an automated pallet pit where we can build pallets in the most efficient way such as adding more density or height in a pallet to optimize cargo loads,” Aleman said.

Other advanced cargo technologies at the Amerijet MIA warehouse include an advanced cargo roller conveyor system, across 60,000 square feet of the facility, to automate the processing and movement of inbound and outbound freight from the facility between the landside and airside.

Amerijet customer technologies provide real-time shipment visibility

Amerijet employs many mobile technologies including tablets for freight processing. This means that a driver dropping off freight bound for an Amerijet flight can sign off on a tablet which are linked to Amerijet cargo systems and instantly receive a warehouse receipt.  The warehouse receipt is electronically forwarded to the shipper confirming that Amerijet has received the shipment.

Customers of Amerijet are able to track their shipments using the Amerijet website or signing up for their own MyCargo account to receive automated email alerts. With the airline’s cargo monitoring and tracking system and digital technology, the company provides real-time shipment visibility to its customers.

Amerijet customers include freight forwarders and direct shippers of all kinds and sizes. Shipments range from general/dry cargo to perishable freight, live animals and hazardous material.  Amerijet invites all of its customers to set up their free MyCargo account at the Amerijet website where they can book their freight, and manage their shipments in one place utilizing a secure platform.

For personal effects shipments, Amerijet just deployed technology to provide individual shippers with an online service to pre-book their shipments at using their phone or PC.  For more information about Amerijet, please email or call 305-506-2969.

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