Amerijet’s Central Florida Stations Offer Quick Service to the Top Miami Hub

Amerijet’s Central Florida Stations Offer Quick Service to the Top Miami Hub

DATE: 05/29/18

Amerijet International has domestic stations in Orlando and Tampa that provide a range of services to customers who need a reliable and experienced team to handle their shipments.

Amerijet International has domestic stations in Orlando and Tampa that provide a range of services to customers who need a reliable and experienced team to handle their shipments.

These two stations offer our customers the ability to quickly cargo to Amerijet’s main hub in Miami.

Douglas Crowe, the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Amerijet, who supervises the two Central Florida stations, said the ability to quickly get cargo to Miami, where Amerijet has its main hub at Miami International Airport, has helped clients get complicated cargo shipments delivered in record time. He also noted that residents in the Orlando and Tampa metro areas can easily access these two Central Florida stations, which are in shopping plazas in commercial business districts. The experienced staff at both locations, he said, are available and ready to serve customers by giving them guidance and direction on all their shipping issues and concerns, from proper packaging to insurance to meeting all federal and international guidelines.

Today, air freight shipping rules are more complex than ever, and even customers who have been shipping cargo for years benefit from a team that’s fully up to date on the latest rules.

Why is Amerijet’s New Website Helpful as Well?

Amerijet’s very customer focused approach includes our new user-friendly website, designed to let customers use the dashboard to instantly call up the information they need, without hassle or delay, no matter their preferred device. Visiting enables you to find the information you need quickly so we can start taking care of your shipping needs.

Before visiting one of Amerijet’s stations, consider opening a MyCargo account with us. It’s a free service that lets you book, ship and manage all your cargo shipments online.

It’s particularly convenient to use the website to find the domestic station closest to where you live. Tracking your location, our website provides you with the address, phone number and email of the station nearest you, and you’ll also get a list of that facility’s special features, including their drop-off and pick-up hours. The website also gives you a handy map with directions to your local station, and those directions can be sent directly to your cell phone.

Here’s another good tip: if you book everything online through your MyCargo Account before heading to your local station, you’ll find the entire process moves more efficiently. Your MyCargo account lets you handle a variety of tasks, including:

Book a shipment online and bring a detailed quote to the station. Our staff can pull up your information, weigh your package and complete the transaction so you can be on your way. That station will be staffed by seasoned workers fully committed to exceeding your highest expectations. They’re friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about all aspects of shipping, and best of all, our goal is to get you in – and out – of our stations as quickly as possible.

That’s one way Amerijet makes a difference when it comes to meeting all your shipping needs.

How do the Orlando and Tampa domestic stations operate?

Each of Amerijet’s domestic stations are different, offering services that are unique to that location and designed to meet the needs of local customers. That’s true of both the Orlando and Tampa stations.

The Orlando station, located at 2516 W. Colonial Drive near downtown Orlando, is a 5,000 square feet facility in a commercial district. There are four employees working at the Orlando station, which as Crowe noted is eight years old and includes employees who have been there since day one.

Over the years, he added, that staff has handled a wide variety of often complex shipping needs for their customers.

Crowe said its common for those workers to get cargo dropped off from both individuals and small business owners. He added that the station has become increasingly popular with freight forwarders who organize shipments to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market or customer. The Orlando station transports shipments twice a week to Miami, which is just several hours away. The Orlando station also sells packaging materials, and the staff will assist their clients with their packaging, handling and processing needs. The staff is ready to do whatever is needed to get the shipment out fast.

The team handles shipments classified as hazardous material, which can include routine household items, everything from cosmetics and perfumes to battery-powered equipment and paints or bleaches.

In fact, the staff can handle virtually all shipments, except for temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals and live animals. Customers can find a list of the capabilities for each station online, and the staff at the Orlando station can help direct customers on how to book ships for pharmaceuticals or live animals.

The Orlando office is open Monday through Friday, and Crowe said the top region they ship to is the Caribbean, which he called their “main territory.” He said they often get walk-in customers who need to ship building materials to the Caribbean, such as roofing materials for home remodeling or rebuilding projects.

What Services Are Available at the Tampa Office?

The Tampa station at 2525 E. Hillsborough Ave., is also in a shopping center within a busy commercial corridor, and the 2,000 square foot station has two employees. Crowe said this station mainly gets walk-ins for smaller shipments, or direct business shipments. While they don’t handle hazardous materials, live animals or perishables at this station, the staff can assist customers who need to book those kinds of shipments

Like the Orlando station, Crowe said the one in Tampa gets a good mix of both individual and business shippers, and shipments to the Caribbean are a sizable percentage of their business. They also sell packaging materials on site and can assist clients in packaging their shipments.

The staff at both office, he said, are multilingual, and they truly understand the needs of their customers and can help them figure out solutions for all their shipping needs

What Are the Advantages of Using Amerijet’s domestic station?

Amerijet’s top goal is customer satisfaction. Our team has decades of experience providing expert shipping advice and service to our customers, from commercial shipments to individual packages.

Our staff has devoted years to handling all types of commodities, including:

Amerijet’s domestic stations give our customers a convenient way to arrange to have their shipments transported safely and securely — and on time.

Amerijet offers competitive rates combined with service from a dedicated team that you can rely on for fast, safe and secure shipping. We offer a great value when you ship with us. That shipping service is backed up at all our domestic stations by excellent customer support.


Amerijet has stations in major metropolitan areas across the United States. That’s part of our commitment to providing all our customers with the best service possible. Through our new website, we’ve made it convenient for you to contact the station closest to you.

To find out more about your global shipping options with Amerijet, call our Customer Service line at 407-545-8706 or 1-800-927-6059, or email us at

Visit our website and open a MyCargo Account, then feel secure in knowing your packages are on the way.

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