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International Air Freight Services Made Easy | Amerijet

Air Freight Services - Shipping Made Easy with Amerijet!

Air freight services from Amerijet help companies of all sizes grow their operations and expand their footprints to reach new markets around the world. Amerijet’s air freight services are praised by companies and individuals for its reliability and high performance standards. Amerijet has been shipping personal items to family and friends around the world for 40 years.. From transporting a single package to moving an entire planeload of cargo, Amerijet air freight services provide fast, cost-effective shipping solutions for a wide variety of materials.

As an international air cargo leader, we assist our clients in moving shipments, such as general dry goods, perishables, animals and even hazardous materials. With a full range of options and more than 625 shipping destinations worldwide, Amerijet has the experience and expertise to handle virtually any air freight challenge.

Ship with Confidence

The goal of Amerijet is to be the first choice for all your shipping needs. Whether you’re sending a package to a new business prospect; a large cargo shipment to a long-standing client; or a birthday present to a family member back home, our air freight services will get your vital shipments into their hands in mere days – virtually anywhere in the world.

For businesses, our domestic and international shipping options give you truly global reach, so you can also make your products available to a global market and increase your customers base. Amerijet’s unmatched reliability and service standards will allow you to ship your goods to your customers on time and on target – satisfied customers are repeat customers.

Even if  your company sells perishable goods, such as fruit, meats or other items that spoil easily, Amerijet gets them safely to destinations around the world. Our international air cargo hub in Miami offers climate-controlled storage solutions to help keep your perishables at the ideal temperature throughout transport and maintain the integrity of your shipment.

Amerijet is the affordable, reliable and accountable solution for all your air cargo needs. We make it easy to price your shipment with our Online Shipping Calculator. Amerijet’s air freight rates are based on the service, shipment size, weight and type of cargo being transported.

Whether you operate a leading international company, a growing local business, or just need to get an important package there on time, Amerijet offers the reliable and affordable solutions you need to ship with confidence.