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There are often many questions associated with air cargo. What can I ship? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What are my responsibilities as the shipper? There are also many different types of air freight customers, from big businesses that move massive amounts of cargo to individuals looking to ship a single package. While the demands and challenges for air cargo may vary, the best shipping companies are the ones who do everything they can to make it easy for any customer to enjoy affordable and reliable air transportation services.

Amerijet, one of the industry’s leading international air freight companies, has simplified the process of pricing and placing orders online. Customers simply choose the “tools” option and select “air cargo” to find an array of vital assistance in planning and preparing for any type of air freight shipment. They can instantly download all the necessary shipping documentation; they can check on both international and domestic flight schedules; they can even input the dimensions of their packages to calculate the total volumetric weight. New shippers will also find detailed information outlining the sender’s responsibilities, the requirements for preparing packages; how to label shipments; and how to deliver them to Amerijet so they pass all security and weight verification protocol.

Amerijet also offers a user-friendly Online Shipping Calculator that provides a free, no-obligation quote instantly, so customers know exactly what their shipment will cost before booking a shipment.

Another important tool for the reputable leaders in the international air freight industry is air cargo insurance. While companies like Amerijet do everything in their power to ensure the safe and secure delivery of all types of shipments, from general dry goods to perishable items, and even hazardous materials, there are those rare instances when damage can occur. However, shipping insurance is an affordable way to protect your investment. Cargo Insurance protects against the risk of a physical loss or damage to your shipment. Amerijet makes it easy to calculate the insurance premium for your shipment with free, no-obligation quotes.

If you’re looking to ship items domestically or overseas, be sure to choose a freight company that provides the tools you need to ship with confidence and enjoy unmatched convenience.