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Air Cargo Transportation

Custom Air Cargo Transportation Delivers Reliably

Customer-focused air cargo transportation solutions, such as those provided by Amerijet International, Inc., truly go above and beyond the typical service offerings from the big brand freight companies. In fact, thanks to the flexibility and personal service that can only be offered by a company like Amerijet through putting customers’ needs first, air cargo transportation has never been so simple. Here are just a few ways; using a customer-focused provider can make international shipping easier:

Custom Air Cargo Transportation Services Delivered Worldwide

Not every air transportation company is flexible enough to directly reach such a wide variety of locations – both major and remote – throughout the world. Some companies are just too big to explore solutions for their customers’ unique, outside-of-the-box shipping needs. Because of flexibility when it comes to shipping to even the most remote airports, custom air cargo transportation providers are able to deliver to more destinations than the transportation providers that exclusively operate the largest jets. In the rare event that logistics problems do arise, a custom air cargo transportation company can typically still deliver through their worldwide network of alliances and partnerships.

A Custom Air Cargo Company Handles More Commodities.

Chances are, even when the one-size-fits-all freight companies must decline certain types of commodities, the personalized service offered by custom air transportation operators, such as Amerijet, can find a way to ship the goods. Too often, commodities such as perishables, dangerous goods, live animals, and even extremely valuable items, require lots of extra care and diligence to transport. After all, shipping by air requires complying with aviation and safety regulations, having expert knowledge of customs procedures, and a maintaining worldwide expertise of import/export restrictions. Many of the largest air freight service providers choose to only handle the easiest and most general commodities to transport. Amerijet is a custom solutions-oriented air cargo transportation company who will ship a larger variety of commodities for their customers.

Customer-Focused Air Freight Services Actually Help Our Customers.

International air transportation can be complicated – not only are there a variety of international logistics issues to handle to ensure that a shipment moves without delay from origin to destination, but there are also many government regulations that must be followed. Shippers themselves are typically responsible for handling much of the shipping documentation. For assistance with shipping documentation, please contact an Amerijet service representative - we are happy to help!

For the simplest international air cargo transportation possible, choose an air freight company that can reliably deliver both cargo and personalized customer solutions.